IProf: Portable Industrial-Strength Interactive Profiling

Version 0.2 - 2003-02-06

A portable industrial-strength interactive profiler for C++ and C.

Directly supports Win32 timers and OpenGL for display (although you need text-printing apparatus of your own for the profiler display to use). Porting should be easy; see the readme for details.

Placed in the public domain on April 16, 2004. Ignore any copyright messages you may find in the current package (I'll remove them with the next version).

Readme (25K)

Package (23K)

version 0.0 screenshot

Version history:

version 0.2 -- 2003-02-06 STB
   - Significant interface changes to Prof_draw_gl:
      - accepts floating point instead of int for 2d screen metrics
      - accepts a total width and height of the display and conforms
        to that
      - accepts a precision specification for display of time values
   - added little '+' and '-' signs reminiscent of list displays
     so you know which ones can be drilled down on
   - expanded this doc's description of what's legal for a zone-name
   - fixed an error trying to compile the C files as C++
   - added Prof_select_parent() for moving up the tree

version 0.1 -- 2003-02-05 STB
   - First public version, heavily refactored, 1500 lines
   - win32 timing interface and smooth "moving average" code derived
        from Jonathan Blow's Game Developer Magazine articles
   - missing functionality:
      - correct attribution of time to zones that are parents of
        recursive zones in call graph view (hierarchical times don't
        bubble up correctly)
      - spread recursion display (displaying each depth of a recursive
        zone as if it were a separate zone)

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